Recruiting for clinical study in Aug, Sep and Oct 2017

A clinic in Tokyo (P-One Clinic) is seeking medical volunteers for upcoming clinical studies (clinical trials) in August, September and October 2017.

1) Clinical Study Process
Those who register and pass the initial selection will be invited to one of two screening health checks:

Screenings (eligible volunteers must attend one)
i) Wed July 26
ii) Tues Aug 1

Participants who pass the screening will be invited to stay in the clinic for two periods of approximately two weeks each in either August, September or October and will be administered the study drug.

2) Register
To learn more about the study entrance requirements, schedule, study drug, and compensation, the first step is to apply here.

Please be Aware of the Following

  • Everyone who participates in a study (including any screenings) will be asked to present valid photo identification
  • Study cancellations or changes of schedule sometimes occur after you apply or take a screening
  • MVN is not able to respond to all inquiries
  • As mentioned in the MVN Membership Policy you will need to consent to before registering or applying, please understand that our staff will use the name and birthdate you provide to check whether you have participated in any other clinical studies and when the final dosing may have been conducted
  • Applying for multiple clinical studies simultaneously is not permitted. If you are discovered attempting multiple entry, your membership may be annulled.
  • If you are found to have made any false or fraudaulent statements, including those concerning your height/weight, medical history or previous study participation, you may be asked to leave without receiving the cooperation compensation