About Volunteer Registration

Fill out the form on this page to become a member of MVN and receive information about clinical trials at P-One Clinic. Registration is free of charge. Note that you can cancel your membership at any time by sending us an email requesting that we remove you from our list. For additional details about what membership entails, please read our membership guidelines below.

Handling of Personal Information

MVN adheres to the Japanese privacy legislation, “Act on the Protection of Personal Information”, in managing the personal information of individuals who participate in any clinical trial/study conducted at P-One Clinic.

Note that we may disclose the information you provide at the time of regstration to other volunteer associations and similar organizations, which are legally bound to protect confidentiality in the same way, in order to check whether you are participating in overlapping clinical trials and that you meet participation requirements.

Information provided by volunteers during registration will be consulted for the purpose of volunteer recruiting and registrants may be contacted individually by email, telephone or post about matters related to clinical trials at P-One clinic. Also, please note that in order to complete volunteer registration, you will be required to consent to the above.

For more information about our Privacy Policy, please check the P-One Clinic website: https://p1-clinic.or.jp/en/privacy.html

MVN Membership Policy

In order to register with MVN, your consent to the membership policy below is required.

MVN Membership Policy


1) Name and Management

  • This clinical trial volunteer association is called “Medical Volunteer Network” or simply “MVN.”
  • It is managed by P-One Creative.

2) Objective and Activities

  • The objective of this association is to contribute to the progress of medicine and pharmaceutical sciences.
  • It introduces members to clinical studies/trials in which they may be able to participate.
  • It provides members with information related to such fields as clinical trials, medicine, and pharmaceutical sciences as part of its efforts to raise awareness about clinical trials.

3) Scope of the Bylaws

These bylaws apply to members registered with MVN.

4) Membership Requirements

Members of MVN must satisfy the following requirements:

  • Is a male or female 20 years or older
  • Wishes to participate in clinical trials
  • Agrees with the objective and activities of this association.

5) Assignment of Information

This association will collect and possess the following information about members for the purpose of engaging in its activities:

  • Personally identifying information such as volunteer number, email address, phone number, name and address
  • Medical information such as test data and medical history
  • History of past trial participation.

6) Purpose for Use of Personal Information

  • This association may use the personal information of members only for the purposes indicated below:
    • a) To contact members
    • b) To check with the Japan Association of Contract Institutes for Clinical Pharmacology and its Volunteer Registration Center for possible trial participation overlap
  • This association will not disclose to third parties the personal information of members as defined in the previous article (5) except where this non-disclosure hinders the applicability of the stipulations in the previous section (6, i) or where the following conditions apply:
    • a) The member concerned has explicitly consented to the disclosure of their personal information in a separate document
    • b) Disclosure of this information is required by national institutions or laws/ordinances

7) Member Registration

  • Prospective members can join this association either by providing the required information on a paper registration form, registering online, or registering directly by telephone. Moreover, prospective members agree to provide only accurate information at the time of registration and to ensure that this information remains accurate and up to date once registration is complete.
  • When members participate in a trial, they will be asked to present a publicly recognized form of personal identification. Moreover, when a member presents a form of identification that lacks a photograph such as a health insurance card, their picture will be taken.

8) Withdrawal

If members wish to withdraw from the association, they will provide notification to the association by a prescribed procedure. Once a member provides notification that they would like their registration deleted, they will lose their status as a member at that time.

9) Membership Annulment

This association can annul a person’s status as a member in the following cases:

  • Ⅰ) If it is discovered that the member has had their membership in this association annulled previously because of some inappropriate action such as past violation of bylaws
  • Ⅱ) If it is discovered that the member provided false information or neglected to provide some necessary information at the time of registration
  • Ⅲ) If it is discovered that the member allowed someone else to use their name or used someone else’s name
  • Ⅳ) If it is discovered that the member does not agree with the objective/activities of this association
  • Ⅴ) If the member leaks or discloses information to a third party concerning a clinical study they participated in via this association
  • Ⅵ) If the member neglects to carry out the procedure to change information about his or herself when such information has changed
  • Ⅶ) If the member does damage to the good name of or undermines trust in this association or its members, or causes disturbances
  • Ⅷ) If the member engages in activity that is detrimental to this association or its members, or causes remarkable inconveniences or damages
  • Ⅸ) If the member engages in illegal activities
  • Ⅹ) If for any other reason the member is judged to be ineligible to be a member.

10) Exclusion of Antisocial Forces (Organized Crime)

  • Members make the following promises to this association:
    • a) He or she is not a member or under the authority of a member of a gang or other violent group
    • b) He or she will not perform actions (including verbal) or use a third party to perform actions that employ authority or fraudulent means to damage the reputation of this association or interfere with its operations, or actions that employ violence or intimidating behavior
    • c) At the time of trial participation, he or she will not make this association, other trial participants, facility staff, other workers involved in the trial or any other third person feel uneasy or uncomfortable by way of an uncouth attitude or behavior
  • If a member has violated any of the preceding rules (10), i)), the association may immediately annul his or her membership.

11) Non-disclosure Obligations

  • For any trial that a member participates in, he or she is obligated to keep private confidential information concerning the trial including the details of tests conducted, the name of the company that sponsored the trial, and the name of the trial drug, and must never leak or disclose such information to third parties.
  • If it becomes clear that confidential information of the kind specified above has been leaked or otherwise disclosed, the member concerned is to report this to the association as quickly as possible, follow the instructions of the association, and do what is necessary to respond to this issue.

12) Compensation for Damages

  • If a member is disadvantaged or suffers losses as a result of something erroneous or missing from their information as defined in article 5, this association is in no way responsible, unless the responsibility for this error or omission lies with this organization.
  • If as a result of a member violating association bylaws or rules that apply inside the trial facility they cause damage to this association or any third parties, including organizations or individuals that collaborate with this association, the member is responsible to provide compensation for these damages. Moreover, this association and the above mentioned third parties are exempt from liability in all such cases.

Revising and Abolishing Bylaws

  • These bylaws can be revised without prior notification as necessary depending on management needs. They will come into effect one month after being uploaded to the MVN homepage. Members will be seen as having consented at the time of their participation in a trial.
  • These bylaws will apply starting May 1 2015.


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